Now Hiring: Wedding Editor(s) 


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When we first began our company, Andreo Studios, one of our main goals was to not only deliver top notch work, but to deliver it with our own distinctive style and quality that stood out above the competition.

As a company we’ve come a long way and with success you get a larger workload, and with a larger workload sometimes you need a hand in getting things done. This is the reason we’ve decided to look for additional video editors with unique talents who can put in the time and effort to create cinematic wedding videos for Andreo Studios. With your help, we’ll be able to network on a larger scale while maintaining our level of quality to bring every client the customer satisfaction that our studio provides on a daily basis.

            Our studio does have a preference for hiring editors living stateside since we will be shipping all of the footage. Although with this being said, should we find your work captivating and unique we’ll make the necessary arrangements if you live outside of the country.


What we’re looking for in our new team members:

·      Editors with extensive experience with Adobe Premiere Pro

·      Editors who have the ability to create a visual story of the couple in a beautiful and unique way.

·      Editors who put in the time and effort to meet the deadlines.

·      Editors with the flexibility to be accessible at any given time.

·      Editors who are open to constructive criticism when necessary. We have a unique way that we do things at our company, but this does not in any shape or form make your creative visions right or wrong. We just feel that communication is key and we will be open minded to your creative ideas and only expect the same respect in return.


The link provided below contains Highlights, Documentary Films, and Signature Films that we have done for our clients. This should serve as an example to give you an idea of what we’re about and the work we do here at Andreo Studios.


Those who are interested or simply wish to inquire about the Part Time Editor position, please contact us with your information at INFO@CHADANDREO.COM. Please address the email subject line as: Wedding Editor Submission – Your Name.

In your email please copy and paste to provide the following information:

  1. Describe in what areas you are experienced as an editor (Wedding, Commercial, Documentary etc.) and provide us with links to any highlights and samples you may have.
  2. Please list which software(s) you are efficient in.
  3.  List any other jobs you may have and how many hours of the week do you put in at your other jobs. It’s okay to have more than one job, but we like to evaluate your availability to make sure it can coexist with the workload we’ll be providing you.
  4.  What would be your ideal compensation for the 3 different types of wedding edits we offer? (3-6 Minute Highlight, Documentary Film and 15-20 Minute Feature Film) 


Wedding Cinematography Samples

Wedding Highlights

Our Wedding Highlight Videos are typically 3-6 minutes, which is long enough to tell your wedding story, while still the perfect length to share with family and friends. This is a great option for couples that are interested in a 60-120 Minute Documentary Edit, but also want to relive their Wedding Memories on a Friday night after a long week. Below you will see a few sample Wedding Video Highlights from South Florida weddings (Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale), as well as New York City and Destination Locations. Learn more about our services or contact us today to talk details!




Our Documentary edit maintains our artistic approach to capturing your day, while giving you a comprehensive film from throughout your wedding, generally in chronological order. Our Documentary Wedding Film includes a montage of the wedding preparations and location, the full ceremony, toasts, formal dances, other special events and a highlight of the reception party. Final product will be approximately 45-90 minutes depending on the schedule and events of your wedding day.





Typically 15-20 minutes in length

Cinematic Wedding Films are what we specialize in. This style edit is all about the bride + groom and captures all of the emotions you have for each other on the biggest day of your lives.  We aim to capture all of the emotions, the passion, the laughter and most importantly the memories. The moments that you want to cherish long after your wedding day is over. The first time you watch your Signature Film, it will give you that feeling of butterflies you got when you first met and realized “this is the one.” Learn more about our services or contact us today to talk details!