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What are your rates?

Cinematic Wedding Collections start at $3,200. Since every wedding is different, we work with each couple to put together a collection to fit their wants and needs. Please contact us for a free quote.


 What’s included?

The comfort of knowing that the job will be done right. When we make a film, we don’t just show up the day of the wedding and film what’s going on.  Prior to the wedding, we spend time getting to know our couples and then make a plan based on your unique wedding details. Our wedding day coverage typically lasts from getting dressed through your reception.  After your wedding, we spend the majority of our time in post production, editing and color grading to create our signature look.


Our Style of Cinematography

Our approach to wedding cinematography is natural storytelling. We capture the moments as they happen, and also make time to create the amazing specialty shots (first look, gift exchange, etc.) that can help enhance your wedding story. We shoot in a discrete and unobtrusive manner, and all of our staff are trained to provide you with a comfortable environment throughout your wedding experience.


Wedding Highlights

Our wedding highlights are typically 3-6 minutes, which is long enough to tell a your wedding story, while still being short enough to share with family and friends and watch more than once every day for the rest of your life. This is a great by itself or as a companion with our Cinematic Wedding Film and Documentary Edits.

You can check out a few samples below or more examples by CLICKING HERE


Cinematic Signature Films

Typically 15-20 minutes in length, Cinematic Wedding Films is what we specialize in. This style edit is a true short film created using natural audio and beautiful visuals. It captures the people, moments, details and emotions that make your wedding truly unique.  

You can check out a few samples below or more examples by CLICKING HERE



Cinematic Wedding Trailers

As you can see from the samples on our website, our Cinematic Trailers live up to their name! This edit is typically 1 minute in length and will be your very own wedding movie preview, just like in the theaters!


Documentary Wedding Films

Our Documentary edit maintains our artistic approach to capturing your day, while giving you a comprehensive film from throughout your wedding, generally in chronological order. Our Documentary Wedding Film includes a montage of the wedding preparations and location, the full ceremony, toasts, formal dances, other special events and a highlight of the reception party. Final product will be approximately 45-90 minutes depending on the schedule and events of your wedding day.


Special Features Documentary

Our Special Features Documentary edit is used in conjunction with our Cinematic Short Films and Highlights. On the USB Drive or DVD, in addition to the Cinematic Signature Film, there will be a “special features” section which contains the full ceremony, complete toasts, formal dances and any other formality that takes place. The length will vary depending on the events of your wedding day.


About our Love Stories

The Love Story Wedding Video is an extended version of your love story that can be viewed at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, and also added to your final collection. We will spend quality time with you in a pre-wedding videography session. This usually involves fun individual interviews about your story and filming of the both of you together doing activities that you love. We’ll work with you to find ideas you are excited about. This is a perfect way for all the guests to discover how it all happened and who you are as a couple.


Official Movie Posters

 Celebrate your story with a large format custom movie poster!


Custom USB Packaging


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