Wedding Highlight Video Portfolio

Our Wedding Highlight Videos are typically 3-6 minutes, which is long enough to tell your wedding story, while still the perfect length to share with family and friends. This is a great option for couples that are interested in a 45-90 Minute Documentary Edit, but also want to relive their Wedding Memories on a Friday night after a long week. Below you will see a few sample Wedding Video Highlights from South Florida weddings (Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale), as well as New York City and Destination Locations. Learn more about our services or contact us today to talk details!


Wedding Signature Films - Click the image to play the video

Typically 15-20 minutes in length

Cinematic Wedding Films are what we specialize in. This style edit is all about the bride + groom and captures all of the emotions you have for each other on the biggest day of your lives.  We aim to capture all of the emotions, the passion, the laughter and most importantly the memories. The moments that you want to cherish long after your wedding day is over. The first time you watch your Signature Film, it will give you that feeling of butterflies you got when you first met and realized “this is the one.” Learn more about our services or contact us today to talk details!


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Cinematic Wedding Highlights and Signature Films Portfolio 

South Florida - NYC - Destination